7 Fastest WordPress Themes 2021 (Tried and Tested)

Are you looking for Fastest WordPress Themes? In this article, we will discuss those WordPress themes which are not only lightweight but loads very fast.

A WordPress theme is a core foundation for a successful website experience. The display of your content and how fast you can serve your content for your audience totally depend on the website theme and its loading speed.

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The WordPress platform has been gaining popularity since its creation. But if you’re looking to build an online presence, you might want to consider using a WordPress theme as well as the platform itself. That way, your site will not only be more secure, but also load faster and rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing. This article features seven of the fastest WordPress themes that are perfect for small businesses and personal blogs alike. It discusses their speed advantages, what they’re optimized for, and how to customize them once you have them installed on your site. So let’s get started!

Fastest Loading WordPress Themes are the most lightweight and popular search engine friendly themes available online for free and some will cost you a few bucks. 

Why is choosing the right theme for your website important?

One of the most important factors for better performance of websites is choosing the right themes. A theme that is lightweight, which loads very fast without compromising on the design. Choosing the right theme for your website is the most important part of your website building process. The speed, design and even SEO of a website depend on the theme. Always keep in mind that a minimalist design helps in faster loading.

Which WordPress theme is best for beginners?

Finding a great WordPress theme can be difficult, especially if you’re just getting started. But, what you might not know is that many of these themes are poorly coded and full of problems. If you use one of these quick WordPress themes, your site will load slowly or break easily because it wasn’t developed properly. To choose a theme that makes your site fast and stable, stick with reputable developers like StudioPress or Elegant Themes.

1. Mobile Friendly

The days are almost gone when people used to scroll their desktop or laptop around. It is now a trend to flip through their mobile phones to the world around them. It’s definitely the easiest and most convenient compared to the larger options of laptops and desktops. So a right theme for the website that can be easily opened on a mobile phone, choose such a superfast WordPress theme that will help in SEO ( Learn SEO ) of your website.

2. A theme that loads fast

Nowadays people do not have enough time to wait 10-12 seconds for your website to load. No one has time. That’s why you should try that your website loads completely within a second to 2.5 seconds. And this will be possible only if you use a superfast, lightweight WordPress theme. If your website takes more time to load, then visitors will leave your website and there is a risk of increasing the bounce rate and increasing the bounce rate will affect your SEO.

3. Choose a theme you can use for long-term

When you’re creating a site, it’s vital to choose a theme you can use long-term. While it might be tempting to start with an attractive free template, these themes aren’t built for longevity. They may work at first, but they break easily and require frequent updates. Ultimately, they make running your site more complicated than it should be. With a quality theme like Divi by Elegant Themes, on the other hand, you have access to thousands of designs so you’ll never run out of options—and because of its flexibility, you can even change things up without having to hire another designer.

Why website speed matters in SEO ranking?

Did you know that Google places high importance on website speed for SEO ranking? It is becoming more and more common for users to abandon a site that takes too long to load, so your goal should be to get your site loading fast.

Fast website speed leads to better user experience whereas slow site speed results in poor user experience. Since many users compromise with the quality of content in order to get a high ranking in SEO to make web pages faster it is believed that a higher SEO ranking leads to an increase in organic traffic. Site speed has a huge impact on the search ranking of a website which places a lot of emphasis on the business.

High-Speed ​​themes ensure a good user experience: When a visitor opens the website for the first time, they expect it to load quickly or at least within 3 seconds. There is a saying that first impression is the last impression and it applies well in websites. Speed ​​plays a crucial role in how viewers view a brand on the web.

What are the things that make WordPress Themes Fast?

To understand Fast Loading WordPress Themes, one should know about ‘What is WordPress? Well, soon said- WordPress is like an online factory that stores the content for creating web pages online and it allows the user to create and publish web pages for online users without needing to know anything about programming. enables.

Online users using WordPress can install and switch between different themes to change the look of the website without changing the content of the site. It helps to make a website accessible to anyone- even those who are not programming developers.

Having said that, now WordPress themes are popularly known as word press super fast themes are a myriad collection of different themes which provide the user to easily choose their website for doing business.

  • It includes pre-set layouts of templates for creating web pages in various business areas. It basically helps in posting website content quickly for starting a business.
  • It uses less JavaScript which is a high level programming language with complex codes that make it sophisticated and usable only by experts specialized in computer programming. Rather simple coding is used which makes word press accessible to any user who is a regular layman and can customize their own suit as per their preferences of the website.
  • It has a minimalist design that makes the content more visible to potential customers to be displayed as commercial marketing.
  • Also it has less plug-ins which cause less hassle while applying themes in websites.

7 Fastest WordPress Themes 2021 (Tried and Tested)

  • GeneratePress – Fastest Loading WordPress Themes (347 Milliseconds- gtmetrix)
  • Neve – Fastest Loading WordPress Themes (398 Milliseconds- gtmetrix)
  • Astra – Fastest Loading WordPress Themes (557 Milliseconds – gtmetrix)
  • Zakra – Fastest Loading WordPress Themes (348 Milliseconds – gtmetrix)
  • SociallyViral  – Fastest Loading WordPress Themes (917ms – gtmetrix)
  • Best – Fastest Loading WordPress Themes (1.3 seconds – gtmetrix)
  • Superfast WP Theme – Fastest Loading WordPress Themes (1.6 Seconds – gtmetrix)

1. GeneratePress

GeneratePress is a great example of a modern, yet lightweight and clean, WordPress theme. Not only does it make your site load faster but it’s also built with SEO in mind. GeneratePress also comes with support for features such as breadcrumbs, custom menus, featured images and post formats.

Screenshots of GeneratePress‘s gtmetrix WordPress speed test

Screenshots of GeneratePress gtmetrix WordPress speed test

2. Neve

If you want a fast-loading theme with minimal overhead, Neve is a great option. This theme has few bells and whistles, which means it loads quickly and requires little from your server. It also works on all devices, making it a good choice for those looking to attract mobile visitors as well as desktop clients.

In addition, Neve includes premium plugins that extend functionality without bogging down servers or loading times.

Screenshots of neve gtmetrix WordPress speed test:

Screenshots of neve gtmetrix WordPress speed test

3. Astra

Astra is one of my favorite themes because it’s fast, simple, and completely free! I use it on all of my personal blogs. If you’re looking for a simple theme that looks good out of the box (and with minimal tweaking) then Astra might be perfect for you. You can download it here.

4. Zakra

Zakra is one of the best lightweight themes and it’s super fast in loading as well. It is built for speed and fully optimized for performance.

5. SociallyViral WordPress Theme

SociallyViral is an ideal theme for any blogger or online publisher. Every theme has an easy-to-use sidebar editor that allows you to fully customize your pages in just a few clicks. This particular one comes with tons of great features, making it one of the fastest themes out there. It’s also responsive and retina ready, so it can be used on all devices.

6. Best

Best is a responsive WordPress theme that features an engaging design that is fully fluid responsive, loads incredibly fast, is fully customizable, and optimized both for search engines and advertisers. It also includes an awesome review system and support for our new MegaMenu plugin!

Best responsive WordPress theme

Screenshots of SociallyViral gtmetrix WordPress speed test:

SociallyViral Speed test

7. Superfast WP Theme by idtheme

Made specifically to increase the speed of your website and optimize every use of the script. By default this theme only uses 1 jquery plugin.

High CTR ads place

More than 9 ad places, ranging from floating left, right, bottom ads, to ads in the middle of the paragraph that can maximize clicks on your ads.

All ads can be disabled, so you don’t have to worry about the policies of the ad providers.

3 Blog Layouts

There are 3 blog layouts that you can use easily with just 1 click via customizer settings.

With this feature, you can more freely determine a good blog layout for your website easily.

Woocommerce Ready

This theme already supports woocommerce. Not only blogs, but you can create a powerful online store with the help of plugins from woocommerce.

Screenshots of Superfast WP Theme gtmetrix WordPress speed test:

superfast wordpress theme speed test

Wrapping up:

A fast-loading WordPress theme can help you build a fast website that delights your visitors and improves SEO rankings. I hope this guide on Top 7 Super Fast WordPress Themes is informative and helpful to you. We tried our best to explain every important aspect in a brief and easy manner so that everyone can understand easily. If you like it, share it with your friends.

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